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Sew Top Cleaners in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, is a family-owned business which offers friendly and efficient dry cleaning, laundry, and tailoring services for all of the finest garments. Our neighbors have been counting on us for their drop-off and tailoring service for 10 years. We make sure your (sometimes everyday, sometimes posh, and often vintage) favorite clothes are handled with care.

Tailoring Workshop

Our tailoring service is the best and always in high demand. We have tailored everything from his favorite t-shirt to her wedding dress. We work with small boutiques on customer purchases and new designers making their own creations.

*Tailoring prices are an estimate only, each garments price varies based on fabric, lining, and relative sizing of the materials

Laundry Room

Drop your laundry off in our shop, and let us do it all for you.

  • Same Day Service Before 12:00 PM

  • Skin Sensitive Detergent/Softener (per request)

  • Hang Dry Available

  • Bleach whites on demand (per request)

  • Color safe cold water wash

  • We will separate colors (per request)

  • All of your laundry returned freshly washed and folded.

Mens Shirts and Coat on Rack

Drop your dry-cleaning items in our shop, and let us do it all for you.

  • Items will be ready within 3 days


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