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Drop your dry clean items off in our shop, and we will have it professional dry cleaned 

  • We clean various outer jackets and items.

  • We take pride in making sure the item is cleaned to your satisfaction.


Drop your laundry off in our shop, and let us do it all for you.

  • Same Day Service Before 12:00 PM

  • Skin Sensitive Detergent/Softener (per request)

  • Hang Dry Available (per request)

  • Bleach whites on demand

  • Color safe cold water wash

  • We separate colors (per request)

  • All of your laundry returned freshly washed and folded.


Our tailoring service is the best and always in high demand. We have tailored everything from his favorite t-shirt to her wedding dress. We work with small boutiques on customer purchases and new designers making their own creations.

*Tailoring prices are an estimate only, each garments price varies based on fabric, lining, and relative sizing of the materials

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